Live Edge has spent the last 30 years salvaging and curating woods from around the Pacific Northwest.  We have helped utilize the natural beauty all around us, largely through salvaging downed trees and rescuing those specified determined to unsuitable for traditional lumber.  We work to bring the beauty of these natural woods to those longing for a greater connection to the natural world, and to impart knowledge to those who do not know the rich history of our great forests.  We are proud of the work we have done, including speciality lumber, functional art, and unique items for public spaces.  We strive to bring imagination, creativity, and inspiration to everything we do.

We are starting to pivot to new idea and projects, those that bring us passion.  They include processing century old cedar burls, rescued from a mill on the Olympic Peninsula, and discovering the treasures they contain, while preserving a large portion of the habitat they now host for flora and fauna, and allowing them to continue.  We expect many varieties of opportunities with these unique pieces, and hope you will join us in that journey.  Additionally, we found additional passions in creating shelters, which can blend into the landscape or provide a refuge from the elements, while maintaining a natural feeling.  Much of the materials not fit for other uses, can be used to great efficacy within these structures, and we are looking forward to see what our passion can ignite.

Join us on this new journey as we explore the stories of majestic cedar burls and create structures to meet the needs of our communities, both in the short term, and the long term.